Management System


The ISO9001 is the international standard established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as the model of an international standard for quality control and quality assurance.
In Sumitomo Densetsu, following our head office for the western part of the country that obtained the certification in 1997, many departments have acquired the certification, and our efforts still continue for more and more customer satisfaction and to provide high-quality services and products by enhancing our competitiveness.
Registration No.
Certified departments
Renewable Energy Department/Electrical Power Division/Tobu Headquarters/
Seibu Headquarters/Electrical Instrumentation Division/International Headquarters/Communication Systems Division


Information Security Management System/ISO27001 is the compatibility evaluation institution for the third party to evaluate information security management of each organization.
In Sumitomo Densetsu, the Information Communication System Division acquired the certification in 2005. As concerns about information security increase, we make further efforts to reinforce our information security and to become a more reliable company.
Registration No.
IS 94033
Certified departments
Information and Telecommunications System Division

ISO14001 of the year 2004

The ISO14001 is the international standard established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for reducing and preventing environmental risks and impacts caused by the activities, products or services of every organizations.
In Sumitomo Densetsu, the Electricity Division of the Electricity Head Office acquired the certification in 2003. We continue to do our best for protection of global environment and contribution to society through our business activities.
Registration No.
Certified departments
Electrical Power Unit Electrical Power Division