Details of Our Business

< Electricity & Conditioning >

The electric facilities used for buildings are increasingly sophisticated and diversified in order to satisfy the needs for more convenience and comfort. Since the role of electric facilities in the supply of electric energy is significant, the requests for electric facilities are diversified into various kinds for maintenance and development of the advanced information society. Sumitomo Densetsu is always ready to provide technologies that can satisfy any kind of the customersf needs from planning and designing to engineering works of electrical facilities for such as the facilities for accessing and transforming electricity that are indispensable for the backbones of buildingsf various functions, the comfortable and functional office spaces, the around-the-clock security monitoring systems, the lighting facilities that produce living spaces, the telephone installations and the safety control systems.

< Renewal & Maintenance >

Demanded in the renewal of buildings are not only recovering the buildingsf functions that deteriorated with age but also sophisticating the buildings and adding high values so that they meet the IT and global society. In addition, realization of the buildingsf energy-saving structure is also demanded. Sumitomo Densetsu supports effective usage and improvement in added values of customersf resources on business through the comprehensive construction works that only the all-round building-service industries can provide extending from the gplan consultingh for understanding the existing problems (current conditions) through the future plans and the gdesigning and constructionh by gathering together the wide range of engineering performances to the goperationh and gmaintenance and managementh after completion of the renewal.

< Engineering >

Sumitomo Densetsu has developed its engineering businesses in a broad range of fields in Japan and overseas from various systems in factories and plants to total solutions of buildings.
In the comprehensive works on electricity and mechanical systems, our company has been increasing also the records in the plantsf and buildingsf security systems, energy monitoring (=energy-saving) systems, logistics systems and so on in addition to the conventional plant process control.
Regarding the BMS (Building Management System), our company has been contributing also to the effective operation of buildings by saving energy and cost.

< Information Communication >

As the IT society is developed, importance of its infrastructure i.e. the information networks increases. Sumitomo Densetsu started establishing the information networks prior to the other companies in the industry and has introduced them to various kinds of companies, universities and colleges, and so on for over 20 years. By taking advantage of the accumulated know-how regarding the establishment, our company provides the optimum systems comprehensively from designing and development to operation and maintenance.

< Communication >

The communication services that are strongly affected by technical innovations are evolving daily at the significant speed. As they have a possibility to generate a great innovative change also in the future, further advanced technologies are demanded. Sumitomo Densetsu has been involved deeply with the promotion of digital information communication and the establishment of ubiquitous networks.
Besides, by developing globally the comprehensive engineering of various kinds of information communication facilities including the CATV, mobile communication base stations and optical communications systems, Sumitomo Densetsu is going to contribute to the society as a leading company in the industry establishing the ample information environment that supports the ICT country in the 21st century.

< Environment >

While we enjoy convenient and rich social lives, we consume a large amount of energy and cause various issues such as depletion of resources, global environmental deterioration and so on. Sumitomo Densetsu aims to be a leading company by taking advantage of its advanced technologies relating to electrical facilities and proposing environment-friendly plans for the purpose of practical use of the clean energy in the new era.

< Energy >

Electricity is indispensable for the modern society. Sumitomo Densetsu boasts a number of records of installing the overhead power transmission facilities, underground power transmission facilities, transformation facilities and so on that are necessary for transfer of electricity. Sumitomo Densetsu has been making efforts also to develop new technologies according to our companyfs motto i.e. gmore convenient and more securityh.

< Overseas >

Sumitomo Densetsu has started its overseas business in the last half of 1960s and has been involved in a broad range of construction works from the Japanese companiesf overseas plants to the electrical facilities, air-conditioning facilities, sanitary facilities, information communication facilities, plant facilities and so on that relate to establishment of the infrastructure such as airports, harbors, hospitals and so on.
Sumitomo Densetsu has its construction records in more than 50 countries in the world most of which are the countries in Southeast Asia, and has supported for those countries to make affluent countries. For the globalization that continues to expand also in the future, Sumitomo Densetsu intends to promote its business activities based on the areas such as Southeast Asia, China and Middle East by utilizing its accumulated construction technologies, abundant records and overseas networks.