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Company Name Sumitomo Densetsu Co.,Ltd.
Osaka Head Office 2-1-4 Awaza, Nishi-ku,Osaka, Osaka 550-8550
Tokyo Head Office 3-12-15 Mita,Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8303
Establishment April, 1950
Capital JPY 6,440,430,000
Number of Employees
(as of March 31, 2019)
Management System
  • ISO9001
    Electrical Power Division / Tobu Headquarters / Seibu Headquarters / International Headquarters / Communication Systems Division / Environmental Solutions Division
  • ISO14001
    Electrical Power Division
  • ISO27001
    Information and Telecommunications System Division

Corporate Philosophy

Recognizing its social mission and responsibility, the Sumitomo Densetsu Group:
Aims to develop a favorable environment to support a prosperous and secure society.
Values its technical prowess and the customer's confidence in it, and provides high quality engineering service that gives a high level of customer satisfaction.
Practices fair and transparent management based on compliance in keeping with a high standard of corporate ethics.
Seeks to create a vibrant and pleasant business environment white fostering employees rich in creativity.


April, 1950 Establishment of Taiyo Densetsu Co., Ltd.
November, 1962 Listing on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange
March, 1969 Change of name to "Taiyo Kudo Construction Co., Ltd."
November, 1972 Listing on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
July, 1985 Change of name to "Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd."
October, 1985 Merger with Sumiden Kucho Co., Ltd.
September, 1995 Listing on the First Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges